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 I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

– Thomas A. Edison

How do we measure ‘good parenting?’ What yardstick do we use to say, ‘that’s a really good parent!’ The number of trophies they bring home? The A’s on their report cards? 350 marks? How well-behaved they are? How articulate they are?

What, really, is the measure of a good parent?

I came across a phrase that really resonated with where I am as a parent, “If parenthood came with a GPS, it would mostly say: RECALCULATING.” That’s how it feels like everyday to me. Parenting is sneaky. At one point, you really think you got it covered. Other times, you find yourself questioning even your most basic move.  Parenting, to me, is a journey of growth, in which you discover more about yourself than about your children. It is a journey wrought with…

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The Disturbing Transformation of Kindergarten

Americas Education Watch

nclbOne of the most distressing characteristics of education reformers is that they are hyper-focused on how students perform, but they ignore how students learn. Nowhere is this misplaced emphasis more apparent, and more damaging, than in kindergarten.

A new University of Virginia study found that kindergarten changed in disturbing ways from 1999-2006. There was a marked decline in exposure to social studies, science, music, art and physical education and an increased emphasis on reading instruction. Teachers reported spending as much time on reading as all other subjects combined.

The time spent in child-selected activity dropped by more than one-third. Direct instruction and testing increased. Moreover, more teachers reported holding all children to the same standard.

How can teachers hold all children to the same standards when they are not all the same? They learn differently, mature at different stages – they just are not all the same especially at the…

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The Truth Behind Herbalife and Juiceplus Meal Replacement Shakes

Mark Worswick

Every man and his dog seem to be selling Herbalife/juice plus shakes or taking them. I’d say 80% of these people have no nutritional qualifications whatsoever let alone even a slight interest in nutrition. 10% seem to be personal trainers who have lost all their self-respect and turned into immoral salesman as a quick bit of money is more important to them then their client’s health and goals. The last 10% seem to be genuine people that have just fallen into the trap from a good sales pitch and shown a picture of a Mercedes, and they genuinely think the products they are selling are good quality.

What the personal trainers don’t realise is that in short term they may make a vast increase in their income but in the long run it will severely damage their reputation, and therefore overall, their income will probably decrease or they will have…

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Dear Sen. Grace


I have long believed that people don’t change, we just get to know them better. I am now seeing through the real you and I am really very disappointed.

Back when you were appointed MTRCB Chair by PNoy in what I see was genuine acknowledgment of your father’s legacy and your own potential, I was very happy for you. I could still remember your mother’s most quoted line which curiously was not from any of the characters she played as Phil queen of the movies: “She stole the presidency, not just once but twice! ” referring to then president Gloria Arroyo at the height of the Hello Garci scandal. Funny but I don’t remember seeing you in the background when she said that. Honestly, I saw a potential replacement for the  cheated FPJ in your mother (in the necropolitical tradition, as analysts would call it).

When I read that you…

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GOING VIRAL right now is Karen Davila’s one-on-one interview with actress-turned-politician Alma Moreno who is seeking a Senate seat under Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA). Moreno appeared on ANC’s Headstart last week. Apparently, Moreno wasn’t informed that her interview was part of Headstart’s election series called “How To Turn Off Voters in 30 Minutes or Less.”

Remember those Alma Moreno jokes from the ‘90s? Obviously, she reservedthe biggest joke of them all for 2016: her Senate bid.

In deciding whether she’d run for senator or not, Alma Moreno said she asked God for a sign. To her surprise, Vice President Binay suddenly called and offered her a slot in UNA’s Senate slate. Moreno believed that was “the sign.” God was quick to deny though that it came from Him.

Alma Moreno was unprepared for the interview. She failed to give sensible answers when asked about the Reproductive Health Law…

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12 Tips For The Newest Special Ed Teachers

Special Needs Essentials Blog

iStock_000025083967_Large1. Set up a routine for your students
All students but especially those with special needs have their learning experience enhanced by a routine that gives them confidence. It gives a structure and minimizes discipline problems for children of different learning abilties.

2. Have your students involved in classroom decoration
This is a fun way to get everyone involved in their learning environment, and can be split up in several arts, crafts and writing activities. A classroom is never too much decorated.

Boy with Developmental Disability3. Be patient
You will not master special education in a day. Be patient with yourself, and with your students. Each year, things will get better over time as you know them better and find what works for you all.

4. Be organized
You will soon discover that as soon as you think you are done with paperwork, there is more to do. Keep up with it in…

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